The Truth about the Hastur Cult

A Scientific Investigation into the Existence of a Hastur Cult in the Nordic Countries

Recent empirical findings

Eyewitness as well as written records from recent history indicate an increased prevalence of non-Christian cults in the Nordic countries. Among the most remarkable recent cases is the multitude of observations of a Cult of Hastur in Sweden and other Nordic countries. In the following a scientific description of the Cult and its practices is given to inform the average reader of this secular uproar that is spreading like a disease among the public.

Particular elements associated with the cult

One of the first sightings suggests that the Hastur Cult is engaging in arcane and occult practices to summon their deity – Hastur (also known as the God of Many Faces, The Black Goat in the Swamp, The Crawling God, and foremost, the Yellow King; Chambers, 1902). It appears that the cultists favor the latter description as they have been seen wearing tattered yellow, hooded, robes during their ceremonies on several occasions. The Yellow King or Hasturs lineage is unclear but scholarly sources describe the being as an ”Old One” which usually refers to unearthly deities who’s ultimate purpose is to reign over, and destroy, mankind. Literary sources mention Hastur along other ”old ones” such as Chaugnar Faugn, Cthaeghya, Cthulhu, Ghatanothoa, Gurathnaka, Istasha, Thasaidon, Tsathoggua and Ythogtha. To date, the exact reason why the cultist favor Hastur over these other deities is unknown, as are the consequences for the general public of this.


A premier symbol associated with the Yellow King and used by the cultists is the Yellow Sign, which according to recent scholarly work can be found in two versions (see Figure 1). The first version is an arrangement of three questions mark centered around an eye. The second, more recent version, is circular shape. Their origin is unknown.


Figure 1. Two versions of the Yellow Sign used by Hastur Cultists.

This arcane and ancient symbol in its two versions appears to have a central role in the cult as it has been repeatedly found in many instances, often accompanied by a series of stick sculptures – which also have been referred to as devil nets, devil nests, or devil catchers in the scholarly discourse (Figure 2).


Figure 2. Actual photo of Stick sculpture (i.e. devil net) used by the Cultists. Recovered in East Sweden.

While the exact occult and arcane meaning these sculptures, which comes in many sizes and arrangements, have is yet to be fully determined. It is, however, clear that they play a prominent role in the cult ceremony as it has been found across a many geographical locations in all Nordic countries, with a special concentration in Eastern Sweden. These structures have been found in both urban and less inhabited areas of Sweden. They can be found hanging in trees, standing in forests or even in a busy street corner. Currently there is no obvious pattern to their placement and the most recent sightings have been a vast collection found in different locations in Norrkoping, Sweden. This may indicate a stronger than average prevalence of cultists in this area. However, we currently can only guess about the exact meaning of these tree structures and use in the secular practices. But, we can beyond doubt conclude that they carry a strong significance in the Hastur Cult.

Modern installments of the Cult

It is more than likely that the Hastur Cult is ancient in its origin. However, it appears as if modern media, art and music may be a vehicle for the Hastur Cult. Recently a number of performers and artists have professed their interest in the Yellow King. For instance, several of the provacative performances by Marina Abramović have been suggested by the press to be motivated by an occult force signified with the color Yellow and a symbol resembling the aforementioned Yellow Sign. Similarly, several sources suggest that both lyrics as well as visual language of popular music artists such as Lady Gaga appears very similar to the structure of existing evidence of the writings the Hastur Cult worship. Further, the recent tv series True Detective appears to have capitalized on the popularity of the Hastur theme. A reason for the use of such an occult theme in music and visual artistry indicates two things: a) music and art is used to strengthen the ceremonial powers of the cult, and b) the cult is widespread with involvement of musicians, artist and directors. It should be noted that these findings are merely indicative and speculative and in no way definitive. It is however clear that music, performances and art plays an important role in the Hastur Cult.

Concluding remarks

The Hastur Cult appears to be on the rise. Increased sightings of artifacts such as the symbols and tree structures, as well as of the yellow hooded cultists themselves corroborate this conclusion. The spreading of their evil intent through modern media as well as rumors of human sacrifice and involvement of people high in society (politicians, scientists, musicians and artists) in the Hastur Cult only lead to one conclusion: This movement is a threat to the Christian foundation of society! We must act now to stop this plague before it spreads further. I can only hope that it is not too late.

Eyewitness account of possible cult sacrifice found in a diary

Three days ago in the early spring evening, I decided to take a long walk in a sparsely populated forest area a couple of miles from my home.  The evening dark was starting to set in when I entered a small forest trail that I had not earlier walked, but I have heard from friends that it would be a nice long stroll through the forest.

How wrong they were. Only after half a mile, I must have taken a wrong turn in the dim lights of the forest as the path became less and less visible. I was lost, but not afraid as the forest usually is a friendly place and I was pretty familiar with the surrounding area. So I walked on. Though it was new territory, I did not get really scared until I started finding these man-made structures.

Stick sculptures pinned together in a sort of pyramid shape. The first one I found just aroused my curiosity, but as I walked on and found more of these peculiar structures in different sizes and arrangements I had this really bad feeling. The feeling got worse as several of the eerie sculptures appeared to have dead animal parts hanging in them. What are they? Who made them? At this point, I decided to turn around and head home as fast as I could.

But I was lost. As the panic started to stir in me, my breathing increased and everywhere I saw these evil sculptures. I started running and must have been running for at least 10 minutes when I was stopped by the sound of faint human voices.

At first I was relieved, but as my breathing became less strained, the voices appeared….dead. They chanted words in some arcane and unearthly language. I can’t remember the details. I heard ”Hastur”, ”Hali”, ”Karkosa”. The dead voices haunted me.

Against my better judgment I hesitantly moved closer to the voices. Fearful but curious. The chanting was calling me. If only I had made a saner choice. I wish that I never had seen what I saw.

In a deep gorge of the forest in front of a massive Oak I saw figures dressed in tattered, dirty, hooded robes. The cloth was a sickly yellow I have never seen before. Their faces were hidden behind pallid masks that made my whole body shiver. On their robes was a whirly sign that had an almost hypnotic effect on me. I knew that now that I had seen this sign, my life was different. And the voices. The voices. ”Hastur”, ”Hastur”, ”Hastur” all chanted in the voice of one, but at the same time in the voice of thousands. Dancing in a ritual around the tree. It felt like they were performing some kind of twisted play.

But what really made me question my sanity was the thing tied to the tree. What must once have been a woman, now naked and wearing a tree crown with animal horns was tied kneeling in front of the tree. On her back that horrible sign was carved into her flesh. I only hoped that she was already dead.

And in the massive tree, those horrible tree sculptures! With this new meaning they now appeared more evil than ever in their construction. I realized that my only chance now was to run. To run as fast as I could from this living hell performed as a play.

So I did. I ran as fast and as for as long as I could. The last thing I remeber was the image of a King in Yellow, with no face, calling for me. He knew my name. He knew my thoughts

I woke two days later in the hospital. I had been found laying naked on dirt road by a couple passing by. On my back was a circular meat wound that had appeared to been carved into my back.

I know that my time is short. I hear the dead voice. I see the King and I have found the Yellow Sign. I am already dead. I only hasten to write this down so that you, the reader, can avoid a fate similar to mine.